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Beyond Good Intentions: Designing Fulfilling and Impactful Careers in Global Health

Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Life in society means more than just living together with others; it also means relating with others, giving oneself to others, and contributing to the good of all. In Beyond Good Intentions, author Juan Lorda shows that Christian morality is more than a list of do's and don'ts but can in fact be summarized as "the art of living. The author shows today's readers the beauty and reasonableness of Christian living.

We are led to see that the essence of Christian morality is not an assemblage of abstract principles, but is a call to a sincere relationship with a real historical person: Jesus of Nazareth, the God-man who shares our life with us. Juan Luis Lorda has authored 12 books on biblical anthropology, catechetics, and theology.

Born in Spain in , he was ordained a priest for the Opus Dei Prelature in and has taught at the University of Navarre for many years. He is a member of the advisory council on catechetics for the Spanish Bishops Conference, and a frequent contributor to magazines and newspapers, both religious and secular.

See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store purchase. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Life in society means more than just living together with others; it also means relating with others, giving oneself to others, and contributing to the good of all.

Product Details. Average Review. This episode, the day before Thanksgiving, is dedicated to gratitude As I walked to dinner all sullen and somber, I told my family my quagmire, and my son Matthew pointed to the yellow sign behind me in our kitchen that says, "Whenever you get sad stop being sad and start being awesome.

So I thought I'd talk about my grumpy, that led to gratitude. I go into more detail on the below in this episode. Lisa has a heart that wants to share. I so appreciate that. She listened to me mentioning in a previous episode that people have a hard time sharing HARD THINGS in life, and that some listeners want to hear more about overcoming life's obstacles.

She reached out to me, and said she wants to share her story. She has had some hard things in life, and she really wanted to share about how she kept waiting for happiness to come, and decided she had to just be happy despite life's curveballs. You can't progress, improve, and move forward. You can't spend your life waiting for the next bad thing to happen She mentions putting trust in Gods plan, that we can't save our children from mistakes.

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How to Hug a Porcupine --Audio book she mentions. Ayo has lived all over the world, and is now traveling the world full time with her young family. Even her name is evident of that, a Japanese Hispanic fusion. When we spoke, she was in Peru, and had just visited Machu Picchu the day before, which I had the opportunity to travel to last year, so that was fun to reminisce! She grew up partially in Tokyo, her husbands family is from Guatemala, and with their two young kids, they are based in the US during the summer for her husbands job, and this is their first year traveling throughout the "school year.

There is an ever so slight delay in our convo after I ask questions. At the beginning, I wondered if she didn't want to answer a question, or was hesitating, then I realized I'm pretty sure there is a slight delay. My visit to Machu Picchu. Come chat on Instagram this week and share with Ayo what you loved about her interview!

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On my 40th bucket list I wanted to make a Legacy Video with things I hope my kids will know Why wait until our death bed to share what is most important to us as their parents? KristenDuke on Instagram. I'm excited to introduce you to my new friend Tiffany. She is a fellow podcaster, and I found it recently, and I sure love to listen to she and her friend Allyson chat about life, and delve into hot topics! Make sure you check out The Sisterhood Podcast , and she'll share a bit more about it in the beginning of our chat, too.

I knew I wanted to interview both of these ladies eventually, and Tiffany was up for it this week, we can look forward to hearing from Allyson at a later date. I became intrigued with something Tiffany mentioned in their podcast, that she went to help her brother with his kids for a week. She explains how he is navigating single parenthood after his wife suddenly passed away. It was a sweet sentiment as she shared her love, concern, and service to her brother and his family in this challenging time.

If you're listening, we always love more review on iTunes, and when you SHARE with a tag or link on social media about the podcast, it makes all of the effort put into sharing this come back as a thank you. I DO appreciate it, and just grateful to have you on this journey with me! Come chat with us on Instagram at CapturingJoy.

KristenDuke to share your favorite part of this conversation! I'm super excited to share my awesome son Matthew with you all today. I often have adults who have been a teacher of his, or observed him and said, "that Matthew, he's pretty great. It warms my heart to see that others see in him what I do: His pure goodness. He's got a mind like a sponge, anxious to learn about life, inquisitive, thoughtful, introspective.

In our chat, we were pretty much all over the place, so bear with me! We'd love an itunes review if you have something to say! Do you love this podcast?

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This episode? Another episode? Please share! You'll have to listen through the end to see why "Be Cool" is the main rule at the Brooks household. I kinda love it! Aly is a dear friend of mine, and you'll hear us chat about how we met a few years ago in the first few minutes of the podcast.

We talk about her new business venture in the beginning, which is helping moms with starting or building small businesses, in Mind Your Own Business Mom. After those intros, she nervously mentions that there were some hard things in her growing up life. If you know someone that has a HARD story, but they are willing to share to benefit others, I'd love you to nominate them!

Aly talks about how she has developed closeness with her kids, even as they enter the teen years. Rather than look at the behavior, look at the root of what's going on.

Friedrich Nietzsche

She gets emotional as she talks about becoming an advocate for your kids, and building them up despite their challenges Come chat with us about this episode at CapturingJoy. Stephanie from Nutrition. She talks a lot about intuitive eating, and how we need to better model for our children how to be healthy, but more importantly, being happy with ourselves so that we can live a happier life.

You may identify with me and all of my questions, confusion, clarification, and Stephanie was so patient with me! Come on over to Instagram and chat with us about this episode at CapturingJoy. Did the title grab your attention? I hope so! This topic is VERY important to talk about, and I'm extremely grateful my friend Rhonda reached out to me, because I wasn't quite sure how I as going to incorporate this discussion into an everyday parenting chat here on the podcast. Rhonda is a certified life coach who councils married women who have a negative association with intimacy.

Often from a shame based experience from their childhood. When we spoke about how we would present this to the Beyond Good Intentions audience, I asked her if we could approach it from a point-of-view of teaching our kids about sex when they are young with love and not fear, so that they don't struggle with it as adults. Download her free guide: How to teach your child about sex without shame or embarrassment. For more show notes and links to the books we spoke about, head to the Beyond Good Intentions main page and click to episode 36 for that extra info.

As always, head to CapturingJoy.

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KristenDuke on instagram to weigh in and share your thoughts! How were you raised? How are you raising your children, is it hard for you to talk about intimacy with them? Ralphie has spent the last several years doing intensive research on positive parenting, and now shares her knowledge with parents thirsty for the information.