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In addition, major emphasis is placed on character development through the integration of Biblical principles throughout the daily activities. Social interaction among the students is fostered, giving them opportunities to develop social values, sharing, group acceptance, independence, and dependability. In addition, skills development reinforces the weekly letter or language development goals being taught each week. The students will complete various activities to develop fine motor skills by coloring with crayons and markers, painting, gluing various art materials to enhance the letter and number being reviewed.

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Students will be introduced to various aspects of numbers such as counting, recognizing, matching, linking, as well as hands-on exploration of spatial relationships, sorting, sequencing and recognizing colors and shapes. Implementation of small group teaching allows for more student participation and cooperative activities that motivate students to learn and interact.

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Two-year olds learn the shape and sound of each letter of the alphabet. Fun games are used during Phonics and Language Development to motivate the children and to make learning enjoyable and engaging. Bible is the most important time of the school day for two-year-olds. Bible time includes hymns, choruses, memory verses, prayer time and the Bible lesson. Through the Bible stories and application, children will receive a firm foundation in Biblical principles that can continue to be developed as they progress into preschool.

Bible time reinforces Godly character development.

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I was also taking graduate classes at this time from Calvin College. Following that year, I began at Calvin Christian Elementary.

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Jason is an eleventh grader at Unity Christian High School. Completing our household are our dog Rudy and our cats, Chloe and Lucy. I also have two stepchildren. My stepson, Joshua, works for Zeeland Lumber. He and his wife, Jessica, live in Zeeland with our five-year-old granddaughter, Olivia, our two-year-old grandson, Wesley, and our one-year-old grandson, Asher. Closed enrollment means that only children of families with a profession of faith who are members of a specific church affiliation may attend. As you start your school, resolve to give parents confidence that their children will receive an exceptional education both spiritually and academically.

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  4. Commit to presenting a superior program that gives your students the education they need in both areas. Standards in dress and behavior are integral to maintaining a distinctive Christian school environment. Proverbs —Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Research construction and use codes for schools in your state. If you plan to use classrooms in your church or another existing building, you may already be in compliance. As mentioned above, you may choose to use your current church classrooms.

    Before moving forward, you need an idea of your expected initial enrollment. Many new schools estimate the number of students by conducting an interest poll among their congregation and other related ministries.

    A majority of your students will probably come from your church membership, at least initially. The age range of potential students will also tell you what grades to offer. Christian schools can successfully launch with one to four grades K5—3rd grade. In the beginning, two grades may even be combined and taught by one teacher. Be careful not to take on too many grades too soon.

    Start small and grow wisely. And keep in mind that video instruction like ProTeach can be an option when you have only a few students enrolling or have difficulty finding the right staff for more challenging subjects. Whether you have six students or sixty in your first year, organize your school so your students will receive godly character development and solid academic training.

    Now that you have an idea of how many students will enroll, you can start creating a budget. Philippians —But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Many parents will send their children to your school because they want them to be educated with a Christian worldview.

    Others will choose your school because they prefer private schooling to public schooling. Regardless of their primary reason for choosing you, parents will expect academic excellence. The right curriculum can help you achieve excellence in the classroom. Look for a comprehensive curriculum written from a Christian worldview that will enable teachers at any experience level to excel.

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    Choose engaging textbooks, high-quality materials, and day-by-day lesson plans that prepare teachers for the classroom. Estimate the number of teachers to hire based on the enrollment you project from the interest poll you conducted, as well as any additional enrollments you receive. Start talking to potential teachers early February or March is a good time so you can obtain commitments before teachers make other plans for the coming school year. You can often find qualified teachers familiar with a Christian school environment, or you can recruit teachers directly from Christian colleges.

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    Be sure to stay in contact with potential candidates as you confirm your school enrollment, then make your job offers when expected enrollment supports the hire. A key factor in attracting enrollments is a professional-looking website. It tells parents what they want to know about your school and leaves a positive impression.

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