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Buy this book at: Amazon BN. For years, big corporations had welcomed the opportunity to accumulate more customers by giving discounts to NRA members, even if they pack assault rifles. Yet in the aftermath of the shootings in Parkland, Florida, and the activism of high school students, corporations are bailing out of their deals with the NRA. Most Americans know this kind of talk is bonkers.

Not incidentally, most Americans also want gun controls. Ninety-seven percent support universal background checks and 70 percent favor registering all guns with the police.

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Obama got nowhere, of course, but now change seems to be in the air. I think Donald Trump deserves some credit. If the only way to control gun violence is for all Americans arm themselves, we would all be living in a social Darwinist hell. If it is, then it raises questions about some of the unofficial SOP s. I loved The Kingdom and Hancock. As Michael C. Aside from displaying the emotion, it is impossible to accurately re-create an actual battle or event during a time of war.

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Anyone who has experienced combat alongside others, will know that those they experienced it with often recount details that you yourself were not aware, or was just a different interpretation of the way things went down. My impression after reading this was viewing a subtle way of calling out Lutrell as a liar, willing to embellish the truth to make money about his story.

And I do not believe Hollywood is misrepresenting violence or taking away the accounts of heroic sacrifice by making up scenes that never happened. These Seals are still more proven than we will ever be. Jay and any other readers who feel the same way — This post was meant to just list the facts.

Just the facts.

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We intentionally left commentary out of it. Those posts explaining why the mistakes matter will go up this week. But a quick preview:. Lone Survivor film fundamentally distorts the nature of the war in Afghanistan. I repeat, this film fundamentally distorts the nature of the war—counterinsurgency—in Afghanistan. It will permanently harm Americans understanding of the war for everyone who sees it. He was probably stating how smart of a man he thought the guy was.

Eric, yes I have. I mainly used that crossword example as a symbol for the rest. Anyway, interested in your take on the posts later this week on why we think the mistakes matter. One more thing it sounds like you guys are against both Luttrell and his political view. Stern is an illustration-centric weekly magazine one of three notable ones. Kyle — Mainly writing critiques.

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Really, the book is incredibly political. He blames the deaths of his fellow SEAL s explicitly on liberals and the media.

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Jay mentioned that he thought this series of posts calls out Luttrell as a liar. The Navy lied, over and over. That is important because most of what we know about how this conflict is prosecuted and progressing comes from the uniformed services. So we as citizens are confronted with judging our efforts in other countries based on reports from the military services that show no hesitation in lying even about relatively small things like the three stories above.

It is important that we know that and that is why this series of OnViolence posts is so valuable. Apparently, Marcus never wanted to write the book. This is not a new concept. I get it because I served, I see why it matters to capitalize on significant events.

Great post! So many books. Not enough time. Keep up the goddamn outstanding work, dudes. Even with some brilliant minds working together I am at a public institution and ergo work with a lot of awesome students , it remains hard to combat the forceful power of the distortions and romanticizations made all too common by all-too-human desires for instant gratification and self-justification dolled up as infotainment, which then becomes the basis of the political error and apathy that we continue to suffer. Your painstaking review—with sources!

Thanks for doing the legwork and serving both your country and the fourth estate. You have to wonder, if the number of enemy combatants was indeed on the low end , is it possible that the SEAL s killed no more than a handful, or none at all? But it seems the bulk of SOF training is represented by things not related to combat firefighting , i. Everyone assumes that SOF are better combatants than regular soldiers nevermind insurgents, as this and every other movie shows.

I mean, is there a regular way of firing a rifle and an elite way of firing a rifle?

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Regular cover fire and elite cover fire? Regular use of cover and elite use of cover? UUU - You bring up an interesting point about the number of casualties. In a perfect world, the military would only record bodies on the ground after a battle. This is essentially the truest number of enemy killed. Some posters here ask why make distinctions between Mr. Of course, this article goes further and relates Lone Survivor to reality as well. The simple answer is truth and accuracy in the public domain.

To that end, the value of this article is priceless. I also know something about firefights—first-hand. My opinion is that Mr. My book review on Amazon offers much more detail.

It remains for Mr. Luttrell to adequately explain how he was able to avoid being KIA. So 75 causality were the norm. You may have a point on the Op name, and connections to this or that group. No way in hell the figure of 35 is an exaggeration. A Staff Sergeant would never refer to himself as a Sergeant.

That is Army talk…. Personal experience has proven this form is reliable especially in mountains and yes even in thunderstorms. I have tremendous respect for these men and understand fully the importance of leaving embarassing operational details such as these out.

I think this is a very interesting topic and an especially interesting forum to discuss these topics. The fact that they inserted less than a mile from there SR I guess could be good or bad considering less travel equals less potential exposure to the locals. I remember something about one dude sitting in a tree stump.

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Did only one of them have a radio? You are right on the money. Your points are well made. In fact, his team is guilty of gross negligence and incompetence. They did not understand their enemy, and worse, they did not respect their enemy. I saw Lone Survivor in the theater last night, and left with nagging suspicions that Hollywood was exaggerating too much in a production that is essentially billed as a tactical re-enactment.

I guess my doubts regarding the accuracy of the film began with the opening sequence. But several other scenes in the movie seemed to be more about myth creation than about a factual retelling of the actual events. I want to honor our fighting men and women as much as anyone, having lost a childhood friend in the Persian Gulf.

I think that requires a closer adherence to the truth of actual events than this movie realizes. Thanks for being here, OV.