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The Love Knot: His Excellency's First Love

Reviews: 33 users. Add Cast. Victoria Song Guan Pi Pi. Leo Li Zhao Kuan Yong. Li Shen Xiu Xian. View all Write Review. Other reviews by this user 2.

The Love Knot - EP7 - Fake Boyfriends [Eng Sub]

Jun 17, 25 of 25 episodes seen. Completed 2.

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Overall 6. Story 6. Was this review helpful to you? And then, to have her destroy herself, while tearfully gazing at her rapist with love in her eyes, that just bugged me no end. I mean, sure, Zhao Song was destroyed too, and he did have a moment of regret, but I say that was too little, too late.

He never apologized for raping her either. Do I regret hanging on to the end, with this show? Depending on whether the videos are blocked in your region, you might be able to check out the show on YouTube. Once I decided it was terrible, I stuck around to enjoy just how bad it was. And so when it took a detour to awful, I poured myself a drink and enjoyed myself a lot. So terrible. So hilarious. Just ignoring for a moment that they never established any mythology but instead kept throwing random bits of information at us in ways that made it seem they were just making it up as they went along, the rape was the worst thing they did.

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Plus, that ending? Like Liked by 1 person. There ARE at least some big-picture similarities between this and Goblin! Really old supernatural creature, searching for his human bride, and the whole impossibility of it all. I giggled at how you found a way to laugh at the awful! That made my blood boil so bad.

Like Liked by 3 people. You are BUSY, woman!!! Three reviews in almost as many days! Looks great!!! Although I have a spat with you over Fated to Love You.

The Love Knot: His Excellency's First Love (TV Series – ) - IMDb

Before she met Daniel, female lead made me cringe internally and externally. Someone like daniel could help treat it, but bombastic Jang Hyuk would have been terrible for her until he told the truth. I do recommend Chicago Typewriter!!!

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  6. Like Like. Or, you might be living in a very different time zone? Sorry there was that gap which allowed the DSM to fall through. I only know from extensive experience with the DSM. She has integrity. Her best friend is super annoying, and the second female lead is devious as ever. Her character was Soooooo weak. Love her. I suggest it if you want something light:. I liked how the plot was not so complicated during the first episodes then halfway through the series, it felt like everything was rushed.

    Let alone the last episode! There were a lot of loopholes and some of the scenes were not properly established by the previous eps. Yes, the initial episodes were definitely better than the later ones. It was weird; everything did sorta feel rushed, but at the same time, Show felt like it was cycling in place a lot.

    I feel you. I was even waiting for a redeeming episode only to be slapped in the face with a rather disappointing ending. Like they originally had a different main lead actress who dropped out after they started filming. Supposedly Victoria Song was a godsend savior who agreed to help out and act the role last minute. Also same! I literally lived to watch the beginning clips of teen Huiyan and Helan…they were so adorable and believable!

    Like Liked by 2 people. I had read about the change and how that caused a mad scramble with re-writes and re-filming, but I had no idea she was participating in a variety show! She definitely was this show's savior, in more ways than one. Her acting was more convincing than Johnny Huang's, imo, so she was pulling a lot of weight to make the OTP work as much as possible. But yeah. Very haphazard-feeling watch — and now we know just how haphazard it was, behind-the-scenes!

    I would've watched an entire drama with just the teen characters, to be honest. They were so cute, and they acted so well! So expressive and believable, whatever immersion I had in the OTP connection can be credited to those two young cuties, I swear. I wish we'd seen more of them!

    maisonducalvet.com/san-leonardo-de-yaguee-mujeres-buscando-hombres.php I love your review. I agree with everything you wrote about his show. Johnny just killed me from the beginning. Victoria did better that he did but they had no chemistry and the secondary characters were better. Qi Lin was actually the best actor in this drama.