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Fatherhood: How to be the Dad Your Family Needs Fathers have the awesome responsibility of laying a spiritual foundation in the home. October 30, Cutting Is a Call for Help When tweens and teens are experiencing psychological distress, they may cut themselves to cope with the emotional pain. October 29, All Parenting. We believe that parenting is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

Our Parenting books, broadcasts, and resources cover a variety of categories that will help you regardless of which stage of parenting you are in. Shop Now. Focus on the Family Parenting includes the following programs:. Asset 1. About Us. Sign Up for Our E-Newsletters. Get our updates straight to your inbox. Sign Up. Facebook-f Twitter Youtube Instagram. To be quiet and have conversations with your kids as opposed to all be pecking on your iPhone at dinner and stuff like that.

Just leading by example. Be the change you want to see in your children. So I imagine when you start to work with parents that you have some practices or some tools to help them slow down and turn inward. Could you describe what that process is like? What does your path look like to get people to slow down, and turn inward to begin to connect with their deeper nature? Where we just constantly help them shift the focus from the outside to the inside. So homework assignments, meditation. Journal writing. And constantly giving them ways to pause, to take it slow. Because the old mind is reactive.

The old mind is full of fear and anxiety and scarcity. The new conscious mind is about abundance, trust, unfolding. But also taking action where necessary. But inspired action. Not reactive action.

Gentle parenting & spiritual guidance : 8 ways we nurture our kids’ spiritual lives

So teaching parents to shift from control and punishing and reaction and threats. And yelling and screaming and shaming and guilting. To empowerment, resilience, compassion, connection. And every parent does it differently. Some do it deeply. Some do it superficially. But every step is a step in the right direction. Do you think that everyone should be a parent?

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I mean, do you recommend that people think carefully before they decide to have kids? Are you kidding me? I do not think every parent should be a parent. Dare we say that people should look at themselves a little bit before they dare to raise a child? I mean people really have told me that when I say that a whole generation should technically just stop having children. Now, of course, do I really mean it? Do I really seek to enforce it or control it?

Who They Really Are: a guide to being a spiritually aware parent

First, no we should all not have children. We first need to heal our own tragic childhoods. We need to become aware of the great responsibility that this is. We need to pause. We need to really ascertain if we need to. In fact, for the biological well-being of the species we all need to like, shut the shop down for a couple generations. And then the species and the earth will thrive again. Overpopulation leads to all ills of the world… I mean, many ills of the world.

And overpopulation comes from the core ill of the world, which is ignorance.

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Mental ignorance. So we should really think, you know? I even ask parents the reason they had children. They all start laughing, because I do it with compassion, but I poke at them, and I show the irony.

Empowering Tips on Parenting with Spiritual Awareness

Because they allowed you to feel worthy and important and have an identity. So why are we constantly telling children that they should be grateful to us? We pulled for this energy… now of course, they pulled for this energy too. Acting as if the children owe us something. And my task is to blow the lid off this righteousness we have as parents. It just is frustrating when I see that because it perpetuates violence against our children. It perpetuates us shaming them and all in the name of love.

And all in the name of caring.

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And using our children as pawns is unconscionable so that needs to stop immediately. I think that this is kind of a fun conversation… and some people probably skewer me for saying this, but why not have a parenting test? We ultimately have no control. Our kid might be an ax murderer tomorrow. Maybe something will flip in her DNA. The way to really thwart evil and ill in the world, is to work on ourselves.

So how many hours of meditation have you done? How many hours of inner work have you done? How many self-help courses have you taken? How many books have you read on your psychology and self-help? Even to drive a car we have to know the signs and the techniques and the triggers and the road maps and the direction inputs in a car. We know nothing about our psychology when we become a parent, you know? So that is the abysmal, unconscionable reality. And people feel they have a right because their biology allows for it.

Not just a biological, impetuous right that you have to enact, you know? How do you teach meditation to your clients? I talk about its unglamorous aspects.

Because everyone who comes to meditate wants it to make them feel better, and look better and eat better. And become more successful, and happier. And I just shoot that all in its belly right away. And lambast it.